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Secret’s Out: I’m A Disney Princess

While admittedly I’m not a real life Disney Princess, I certainly felt like the Belle of the ball during my first ever trip to Disneyland, California.

As a kid, our annual family vacations always included a trip to Florida’s Disney World. I have countless fond memories of the larger-than-life characters, the thrilling roller-coasters and the endless yummy treats.

This trip was completely different. It was my first time witnessing the magic as an adult. As my fiance, my brother, and my two nieces and I made our way past the infamous mouse ears I couldn’t contain my ear-to-ear grin. I was as excited as Ariel was when she got a pair of legs!

Yes, that excited, Beauties!

I’ve loved Disney princesses since I was a little girl, and who am I kidding, I still do! Each princess has such incredible beauty. Those luscious locks of hair, zero visible pores and wrinkles (those lucky bitches) and most importantly they possess an enormous amount of inner strength, drive and determination. Getting to meet their life-sized versions at Disneyland was a reminder of how much I admired these beautiful creations.

By 11:30am I had checked off the following:

✔️  ride Space Mountain

✔️  proudly wear sequin Minnie Mouse ears

✔️  be present with loving family

✔️ devour delicious pink cotton candy

✔️  cast fears & worries to the wind

✔️  enjoy every second

And then I had a moment. A realization. Why was this joy so overwhelming?

I’d forgotten about my own inner child for far too long.

Beauties, when was the last time you took your inner beauty out for a playdate? See, I’d realized it had been months. I had spent the last 7 months drowning in to-do’s, I’d completely forgotten what it was like to play with no agenda, to soak up the magic and revel in creativity.

A huge part of my beauty therapy is self-care. And a missing link in so many of our self-care regimens is PLAY. We put so much emphasis on doing, and not enough on simply being.

Whenever I find myself anxious, stressed, out of balance and exhausted emotionally & physically, I know I’ve been skimping out on my dose of play.

Why is play so important? Doesn’t it seem like a waste of time and energy when bills need to be paid, family needs must be met and deadlines at work slowly box us into our work work work mindset?

Surely play will seem wasteful when our first priority is work, Beauties. So I challenge you to re-evaluate what’s important. Is it staying busy at work? Making money and accumulating material goods? Or is it enjoying life to its fullest despite all those things?

All things in good measure, I’m not saying quit your job and don’t pay another bill until your dying day. I am saying that bringing play into your routine will create more energy, motivation and joy in your life that will inspire and fuel the passion you have for all the things in your life. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So take a moment and write down what’s most important. What values do you desire to bring to the forefront of your every day? Focus on what you want more of, not less of. What we focus on grows, and I urge us all to focus on magnifying beauty in all aspects of our life.

What’s important to me? Let me share a list I’m working on:

  1. Joy — without it, nothing else gets done well (if at all)
  2. Health — see above
  3. Family — and this goes for friends, loved ones, and blood relatives — I highly value my community and close friends & family, they are of utmost importance to me. This isn’t to say that family must be a top value for everyone, there are no right or wrong values in life. What’s important is that you sit to think about what is important so you can manifest it.
  4. Purpose — the reason BeautyTherapy.Life was born. Without purpose and meaning, I lack that extra pep in my step and passion for living. But that’s just me.
  5. Love — love is the underlying value that unites all of my values. Without love, there is no joy, health, family or purpose. Love is what we are made of, where we come from and what we go back to. That starts with tremendous amounts of self-love, and that brings me back full circle to…

Disneyland reminded me how much I love and value myself. My inner child. That spirit that was, is, and will be. That aspect of me that is free & innocent, and desiring to explore, connect and love unconditionally! Walt Disney himself said it best, “that’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”

Beauties, let’s play together!

Where can you squeeze in a few moments of playtime daily or weekly into your schedule? Please share some of your favorite places to play! Comment below, Beauties! 


Enjoy my Disney photo diary Beauties 🙂



  1. Alexis·August 8, 2017

    Lauren, your such an inspiring individual to others!

  2. Cindy·August 8, 2017

    Great inspiration, even for this 47 year old workaholic. Thank you!!

  3. Kitty 😽·August 8, 2017

    Love you kitty!! 😘😘😘

  4. Joni Barnette·August 8, 2017


  5. Joni Barnette·August 8, 2017

    I love my family with all my heart especially my only daughter I was blessed with Miss Lauren Elizabeth a gift from God for sure…thank you Lauren for being so wonderful to your family ..Kelsie and Kacie had the time of their lives visiting with you in Los Angeles..💕💕
    Reading this blog made me smile and cry at the same time .. I could just see your beautiful little face looking up at me with those big brown eyes so excited to see all the Princesses because you were a Princess too…you will always be a QUEEN to me…👑Oh your very favorite ride “IT’S A SMALL WORLD” we rode over and over while you sang your heart out … loved it.. still do…
    Thank you for letting me go back to Disney World trips with my three precious children Gabriel Jordan and Princess Lauren Elizabeth .. best trips ever..
    You make me so proud to be your mommy…
    Love you with all my heart ..💞

  6. Gina·August 8, 2017

    How fun and oh so true about letting our inner child out and enjoying life!! 🙂 Love the photos! Now, you and Matt need to be intentional about visiting “fun” places like Disneyland occasionally. 😉

  7. Monica·August 8, 2017

    This is such a good reminder! I always love seeing your travels!

  8. Sherry Adams·August 8, 2017

    What an effortless beauty you are. Bless you for the reminder to seek my inner child. I’m sure she’s hiding somewhere beneath the paperwork and the laundry and the wrinkles. You have inspired me. I will find her!

  9. Megan Cline·August 9, 2017

    Really enjoyed reading about your Disney adventures:). Love the pics too! I think we women all have a little Disney princess envy❤️

  10. Sandee Shortt·August 9, 2017

    So jealous! It looks like you guys had an awesome time!!!

  11. Julie·August 9, 2017

    Oh what fun it looks like you had!!!! Thanks for the reminder to connect with our inner child! And thanks for giving permission to leave my job (oh, LOL, maybe I didn’t quite understand what you meant…I guess I shouldn’t hand in my resignation…yet?!?!). I’ve recently been under a lot of stress, so this advice was quite timely for me! Keep up the good work, and keep me grounded! Love ❤️ you!!!

  12. Jacqueline Carroll·August 9, 2017

    I love this so much! Women need to hear these words to know taking a break is ok and definitely healthy!! Thank you Lauren for always brightening my day!

  13. Carrol Puckett- Holland·August 9, 2017

    no matter the years you are still one of kind , always in my prayers

  14. Tammy Tiller·August 10, 2017

    I never want to grow up!! Always dream big! Never ever grow up! Love u Lauren!!